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Looking for a great Madrid experience?

We are a digital community of 33 reliable hosts in Madrid connected through online platforms. We are a group of peers who work as a 24/7 interconnected brain: we use technology to share information and to generate our own solutions.

We know Madrid very well because we live here. We can suggest the best local restaurants. We can facilitate information on what is on, just tonight. We facilitate access to any kind of request, if it exists. We assist in finding the best solution to any specific requirements for your Madrid stay. You can count on us.

We are trustworthy local citizens. Connecting world visitors to our best Madrid offer is a great job and we love it. All 35 of us sum up 5 star online evaluations from more than 3.000 guests who come from all over the world, confirming maximum conviction from our clients. 

We are a community of citizens who share values.

We are open minded and we embrace all cultures. We love to be part of the booming sharing economy.

We love to share emotions with our peers and facilitate a great Madrid experience.