Is Yottotel an online platform?
No, we are a non profit digital organization of connected hosts in Madrid who operate under several platforms. We are all in Airbnb. And we love it!

What makes a Yottotel host different to guests?
We are trustworthy citizens. We can show in our public evaluations how other travelers think how reliable we are and how we can provide an answer to any needs in Madrid.

We are part of a social network and we are all connected 24/7, answering our guests’ needs. Why have isolated hosts when one can enjoy good suggestions filtered from 33 coordinated ones?

We guarantee that a local is behind each flat and that we are still authentic. We love to facilitate a great trip. We provide the human touch in the Madrid experience.

We guarantee that we love our job. Yottotel congregates more Airbnb Superhosts than the average in Madrid. Almost 30% of our members are Airbnb Superhosts, while these are barely 1% of all hosts in Madrid.

Why is Yottotel interesting for other Madrid hosts?
If you are a host in Madrid and would like to become one of Airbnb’s SuperHosts and one of us, please contact us.

We rely on technology and we are constantly creating our own solutions dealing with calendar and financial management (per flat). We try to improve our results becoming more efficient acting as a group. We feel safer with our own tailor made insurance policies. We feel less vulnerable when we can all access our data base and contact the best suggested professional.

We take trust very seriously. We are working on our own reputation standards.

We meet all the time. We all enjoy sharing special stories with our guests. 

I am visiting Madrid and I would like to stay in a flat under the Yottotel network. How much extra do I have to pay?
Nothing.It is part of your Airbnb experience

What if my Yottotel host in Madrid is so unexpectedly nice that we become kind of friends?
We love that.

Are all Yottotel host local?Madrid is our city and we know it very well.

Do you organize activities for guests?
Yes, you just need to ask

Do you guarantee unique experiences to visitors in Madrid?
No, but we try our best

I you are a host in Madrid under Airbnb and like the above, please feel free to contact us in